• NEUL was launched in 2O15 in Italy, in an attempt to revamp everyday wardrobe with a bit of a twist. Rather than being iconic designs of a period, NEUL seeks to create timeless pieces which will never wear out of style or loose its chic appeal.

    The NEUL winter 17 collection is inspired from the magical and beautiful moods of Tivoli, a famous and historical amusement park and pleasure garden in Copenhagen, which expresses beautiful and intense colors like dark green, Moroccan blue, sunflower yellow, tea rose pink and so on. There are also unique fabrics and garments to make the mood more romantic and humorous. This collection is available at

    F.R.E.D. — Kloosterstraat 13 — 2OOO Antwerp
    fred + ginger Nieuwpoort — Albert 1 Laan 269 bus OO1 — 862O Nieuwpoort
    Ginger Ghent — Sint-Niklaasstraat 52 — 9OOO Ghent