Are you ready for a flying start on your first day back at school? One thing we do know for sure, the best thing about being back at school is reuniting with all your friends and making new ones. That’s why fred + ginger and publisher Stratier have decided to give a fill-in friendship book* to everyone who buys for 70 euros or more. Ask your friends to fill in the quirky questions and paste your crazy photos and amazing memories in the book. It’ll be a treat to revisit them later. A book filled to the brim with memories of your friends, it has to be the best book you’ll ever read.


Stratier is a Flemish children’s book publisher, that makes witty and light-hearted fill-in books for children to capture the greatest moments in life. Dieter Coppens and Tom Suykens have built the enigmatic world of Stratier. Their books are unique keepsakes that bind family and friends together.


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*One Stratier fill-in friendship book per ticket, you can choose between one book for girls and one for boys. The books are only available in Dutch. Action only valid when buying 70 euro or up, only valid on the new collection W18, not cumulable with other actions or promotions. The action is valid until the 19th of august or while the stock lasts.

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