About Fred & Ginger

Fred & Ginger colours outside the lines


Five any day but not everyday collections for babies and children


Playing means colouring outside the lines. Whether it’s at the kitchen table or in the garden jungle. It is literally and figuratively about turning the whole place upside down. Making your own choices, your own combinations. Taking a fresh look at things as if for the very first time. That is what Fred & Ginger is all about.

This playful concept was translated into five colour collections for children aged from nought to fourteen: Fred & Ginger Kids, Fred & Ginger Sister, Hilde & Co, Hilde & Co Baby and Kiekeboe.

Designed by a team of quirky Belgian designers. Using durable high quality fabrics and with a fresh approach to matters. This is obvious from the textiles that feel so nice to touch, the surprising details and the special prints.

Fred & Ginger caters to children but is far from childish. Beautifully finished but not polished. Age conscious but not patronising. Because we believe that children should be children.


Fred & Ginger kids

An adventurous collection bursting with colour and contrast. Based on exciting themes right down to the smallest detail.


Fred & Ginger sister

Rather retro, a little understated. Yet still plenty of fun. For girls who just love to be girls.


Hilde & Co

Everyday clothes with a festive touch. Fine textiles, soft colours and exclusive details, to mix and match to your heart’s content.


Hilde & Co baby

The littlest ones can look lovely too. Featuring soft colours, surprising details and fabrics that just keep on looking great.



Graphic prints, quirky colours, exclusive and stretchy fabrics. Comfortable to wear and easy-care.