garment care

Your favourite clothes last longer. The lifespan of an item strongly depends on how it’s handled. Caring for items of clothing properly make them last longer. We’re happy to give you some tips on how to make your favourite clothes last a little longer.

You don’t need to wash your clothes after each time you wear them. Hanging them up and airing them is enough to make them feel fresh, and items wear out less quickly too.

Clothes that aren’t really dirty wash well at 30⁰C. The temperature on the care label is the maximum temperature, so you can always wash your clothes on a cooler cycle.

Use the right amount of detergent. Too much detergent makes clothes wear out faster and uses up your budget too.

Spots? Try washing them out by hand first to save energy.

Only iron when you really need to. Spray creases and smooth them out by hand. Your knitted clothes, collars and woven fabrics will thank you for it!

Turn clothes inside-out before washing them to protect the colour, making your items look attractive for longer.

Use an environmentally-friendly detergent and go for liquid products when washing delicate items at low temperatures.

Use a wash bag for fragile fabrics such as silk, viscose, wool and lyocell. Always read the care label: some cotton fabrics should also be washed in a wash bag.

Schedule your laundry. If your washing machine is too full, your clothes won’t wash or rinse properly.

Clean clothes need a clean washing machine. Wipe your washing machine every week using a solution of half a cup of vinegar, half a cup of baking powder and a litre of hot water.

If your clothes are torn or you’ve lost a button, don’t throw them away. You can quickly mend these items yourself.

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