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We love bugs. The smart, itchy creatures are up to more
This season they crawled all over our collection. Can you find them?

Three times is a charm. The parasitic wasp does not disguise itself on one or two, but on three ways.

The animal has the appearance and smell of an ant and moves in exactly the same way. The parasitic wasps do this because wolf spiders would otherwise eat them. After all, wolf spiders like can be parasitic wasps, but they're very afraid of ants.

Which insect do you think is the biggest in the world? A grasshopper? A centipede? Good guess, but a The walking branch is even bigger, it can grow up to 60 cm long. Walking branches are also masters of the camouflage. Because they look like a thin, brown branch, they are hardly bothered. Even for people it's hard to recognize these animals.

Ever heard of mimicry? That means that one animal pretends to be another animal.

At first sight, the little wasp buck looks like a wasp. But that's the longhorn beetle not at all. He is very sweet and harmless. His black body with yellow stripes ensures that other animals leave him alone.

Butterflies are the favourite snack of many birds. Their bright colours make them easy prey. But did you know that there's a butterfly that dresses like a dead leaf every day so it doesn't get eaten? That's the Kallima Inachus! Very clever, because that way he can rest and flutter around undisturbed without being eaten.

By pretending to be like a sloshing snake he can protect himself from all danger.

Is that a snake or a caterpillar? Because of its imminent eyes and scaly body it looks like the Papilio Troilus caterpillar is related to the snake. A caterpillar is a small and fragile animal that has no way of defending itself. By pretending to be a sloshing snake, he can protect himself for all danger.

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