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Stay safe, stay fit, stay healthy! Enjoy some exercise in our most vibrant and comfortable summer pieces.

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Ginger - dress N°207
€ 289,95


Ginger - dress N°216
€ 219,95


Ginger - dress N°213
€ 129,95


Ginger - dress N°209
€ 199.95

Imagine you can fly in this light-as-air silk blouse with hand painted watercolor print. Discover the selection here.

Ginger is a Belgian brand for women who are sensitive to the wealth and diversity of the world around them. Inspired by art, architecture, music, literature... each collection reflects quality and craftsmanship. Ginger sees beauty in contrasts: tough versus feminine, relaxed and yet sophisticated. From reworked classics to special pieces that stand out, at the heart of each collection is the pursuit of longevity and wearing pleasure. Colours, beautiful fabrics and attention to detail emphasize the specific Ginger look.


Our clothing is created with passion and dedication, with an eye on consistent quality. We see the quality not only in the material, but also in the respect for each individual involved in the entire production process.

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Beloved clothes last longer. The lifespan of an item depends strongly on how it is handled. With the right care a garment will last longer, which is good for you and good for our planet.

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Ginger is not only committed to avoiding negative effects that may result from the production of clothing. We want to make a positive impact and lead to a cleaner textile industry.

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